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In re: Estate of Turner (October 2012); Decedent's Will disappeared. After intestacy proceedings commenced, the proponent was able to establish the validity of the lost will resulting in her appointment as personal representative and the benefit of the Will's provisions.

U.S. v. Cater, (March 2012); The IRS sued Cater as the responsible party for withholding taxes that were not paid over a period of four quarters. After a three day trial, the jury determined that Cater was not liable for three of the four quarters.

Parcus v. Manley; (February, 2009) Verdict of $215,000 ($160,000 compensatory damages and $55,000 punitive damages). The Will left estate to niece and two nephews; however, nine months prior to uncle's death, niece influenced uncle to change bank accounts which resulted in her being sole beneficiary.

Matter of Lambert, 333 Mont. 444, 143 P.3d 426 (2006); Radenhausen v. Doss, 819 So.2d 616 (Ala. 2001); Ryder Distribution Resources, Inc. v. Joyce B. Partain, 720 So.2d 1064 (Ala. Civ. App. 1997); 705 So.2d 892; Matter of Nugent, 652 N.Y.S. 2nd 461 (Sup. 1. 1996); Williams v. Reasoner, 668 So.2d 541 (Ala. 1995); Pardue v. Potter, 632 So.2d 470 (Ala. 1994); Camelot Music, Inc. v. Marx Realty & Imp. Co, Inc., 514 So.2d 987 (Ala. 1987); and Boley v. Rowe, 409 So.2d 436 (Ala. 1982)

A determined advocate, the efforts of Mr. Wilson have had a positive influence on the law of Alabama and other jurisdictions. Radenhaussen v. Doss is the leading case on constructive trusts (returning property to rightful owner as a result of wrongdoing or unjust enrichment); Williams v. Reasoner was responsible for the house party legislation (alcohol & minors); and Matter of Lambert established the validity of a non-witnessed, holographic Will. The firm has won or settled 5 cases in excess of One Million Dollars each and has successfully discharged in excess of $2,500,000.00 in personal income taxes. Mr. Wilson has also recovered attorney's fees against the opposing party pursuant to the ALAA (Alabama Litigation Accountability Act - state) and the EAJA (Equal Access to Justice Act - federal).

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